How To Carry Out A Wedding Sand Ceremony.


Wedding ceremonies are usually a symbol of two people coming together as one. Weddings are carried out in different ways by the preference of the bride and the bridegroom. During the wedding ceremony, different activities are carried out to signify different things. For instance, we have the exchange of vows which is signified by the rings. The sand ceremony is also another activity that carries a lot of meaning.


The sand ceremony usually involves the bride and the groom, but in other cases, the parents and children to the couple can also take place. In this activity, we will have all those involved pour different colored unity sand for weddings into clear glass or container. It is usually done in a systematic way whereby mostly the groom will start pouring out his sand then the bride will follow but in case any other member is involved, they will pour their sand after the bride and the groom.


Then at the end, we will have the bride and the groom pour out the sand together. This results in a layered effect, and it signifies togetherness. Harmony of both the groom's family and the bride's family is expressed. A large number of couples usually opt for this sand ceremony since most of the weddings are outdoor however a candle can also be used in place of the sand ceremony. See some sample sands here!


When carrying out a sand ceremony, you should consider a few factors. First, ensure that you get sand for the parties that will be involved. The sand should be an equal amount. Secondly, you need glasses that will be used in the pouring out of the sand. The glasses should have a narrow mouth to ensure smooth pouring out of the sand. A larger vase in which the sand will be poured to should also be there. It should be colorless and of the right size. This is to ensure that you do not get an extra-large case that even after pouring out the sand it will still appear to be empty or a small container that will not even accommodate half of the sand to be poured in. Be sure to check out this website at and learn more about weddings.


Many people may have questions on when the sand ceremony should take place. The most convenient time is usually after the exchange of vows. It works very well to signify the cementing of the newly started marriage. You should choose the most convenient point to carry it out so that everybody in the ceremony witnesses it. One can either choose to do it at the altar or the reception point. Having all the required things with you will make your sand ceremony successful.