The Role of a Wedding Sand Ceremony


For some years, the unity candle has been the sign of the joining of two families with the marriage of their kids. We are experiencing a change in this norm as more partners have blended families with more than one pair of many times stepparents will be available at the ceremony. Rather than having to select who will light the candle representing the bride's family and the grooms family, why not come up with your means to include all of the family members available?


More and more lovers prefer to have the Sandsational Sparkle sand ceremonies during their celebrations rather than the lighting of the unity candle. While some might never have encountered the tradition, it is becoming quite common, and more so during beach marriages. A table is placed at the front of the ceremony site and can be decorated with your marriage theme in mind. At the middle of the table, a single vase will be placed. This is the only customary bit of the ceremony as this vessel will hold the personal presence or contributions from every individual who will be available in the tradition.


In many instances, the couples will select two hues of sand, one for the bride's family and the other for the grooms family. The moment each guardian I am going down the aisle, he or she will walk to the sand table and place in a small quantity of their hue of sand, alternating hues as they represent the joining families. The more shallow container can be carried by the guardian or the bride, and the groom may decide to set the pots around the unity vase on the table. This way, the guardian can easily walk to the table, pick up their labeled bowl, and pour the sand into the unity vase. We are as well experiencing more and more couples incorporating their grandparents in their weddings, whether existing or no longer with us. In case the couple decides that they intend to represent every generation, they should incorporate a small container of sand to represent the grandparents all the same.  See these wedding sand samples.


The moment the parents are settled, the ceremony of the wedding takes place. At the end of the service, the partners will walk to the table and pour in the remaining two containers of sand and seal the unity vase. As tiny as one grain of sand is, when joined together with several others, it turns to be substantial. The same the unity candle represents that the two families are now single, so will the unity vase. Learn more about weddings at